reality tunnels

Reality Tunnels

for Robert Anton Wilson

One for the In Crowd that I’m looking out on…

Lenny Bruce quoted in a séance conducted in Palo Alto by some spade chick who claims she was his foot servant in the Sixth Dimension…



A reality tunnel is a concept that Robert Anton Wilson got a lot of mileage out of. There’s Robert now, on video in his waning years, slouched on a couch covered with a sheet, missing half his teeth,reminiscing about Catholic school in a Brooklyn accent, sucking on a cigarette, a walker from a grim here-and-now reality off to one side.

With ten billion brain cells tossing out options non-stop, an eight-dimensional reality is as much an illusion as a three-dimensional reality, one tunnel is as good as the next.

Even Zen monks rush around like chickens with their heads cut off while preparing for a week-long sesshin.

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