genetically predisposed

Genetically Predisposed

Can love dissolve hate? Can hate dissolve love? How much does it take of one to do it to the other?

What happens once love is dissolved in hate? Does hatred turn into indifference? And what happens to love if love wins out? Does it get reduced to sadness, the hallmark of compassion?

Is pain a component of compassion, and is it pain that spawns beauty? Are love and hate and all the things they spawn building blocks in the watchtower of awareness?

What comes next, do we have words for it? Are words inhibitors meant to keep us in check? Are there no such things as love and hate? Is language factored into our DNA to keep us in line?

The Neanderthal did not vanish. He hung around in ice caves for a half million years, waiting for Homo sapiens to reach him from Africa, then crossbred into their gene pool.

One to four percent of the genetic code of every modern-day human is Neanderthal; it’s the backbone of our immune system.

Was this a gift of love or a byproduct of lust?

Is lust grounded in love or is it a function of a grand design?

Even rock lizards have the gene necessary for language, but they choose not to use it.

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