When faced with threatening questions it’s best to talk in tongues; do the Saint Vitus Dance; skirt the issue like a bubbling cauldron of sperm. Don’t state the obvious, as if the obvious is obvious to the oblivious. As if the kingdom of god hadn’t annexed your brain. As if you weren’t protected by angels. As if a blank slate weren’t the cradle of original sin.

Original sin, fresh out of the oven. Black smoke up the chimney, the cardinals can’t make up their minds. If a German can be Pope, why not a black President? And why can’t Johnny come out and play, what’s going on in there?

How easily we’re diverted. Theology and garage sales and eternal damnation. A wave as high as Valhalla crashing over the Rockies. Watch out what you pray for in a drought.

Hardship is not enough to make the spoon taste the soup.

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