focus, philantrophy, tom-foolery & the flimflam man

Focus, Philanthropy Tom-Foolery & the Flimflam Man

Silence of the lambs. Lost hope on a spit. Greek Easter on Chicago’s South Side. The ethnic way we try to explain ourselves to the police. They don’t care, they just want us to blow in the breatherlizer.

They stuck a breatherlizer in my mouth. My heart skipped a beat and my eyes danced like spiders. Then a male nurse emptied my bed pan.



Before the crab trap, lobsters lived up to a hundred years and weighed in at thirty pounds. Turtles, even today, if after hatching they avoid the gulls and make it to the water’s edge, live longer even than that.

I digress, you say, but I don’t digress so much as see odd connections.

I’m prepared to read stone tablets from right to left to get to the core of things. “Shazam!” I’ll cry out, and burst my chains.

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