static patterns of reality

Static Patterns of Reality

Start here and eventually you wind up over there. Start over there and you’re off the grid before they can saddle you up and spur you into the dog and pony show.

No one ever starts over there. You can only get there from here. What goes around doesn’t come around, because the world is flat.

There’s an advantage to absurdity–no one takes you seriously. Look out when they start taking you seriously.

Suspicion is the highest form of seriousness. The executioner’s song is always sung in a minor key. Too much suspicion turns the vocal chords brittle.

There’s no originality in suspicion. It always boils down to the same old thing–they suspect you hanker to be over there.

So keep that gleam out of your eye if you want to survive another day in the Mad Hatter’s courtyard.

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