saying things

Saying Things

He said things
from the heart,
he said them
from rote,
he said them
from his gut,
glazed in bile.
He said things
in his sleep that
made the walls buckle,
the bed frame rattle
like casket bones.
He said things
that led to a
lifetime of purgatory,
quick stabs of
hot coals of


He danced like a
gimp dervish
thru a
labyrinth of
RSVP weddings &
shattered romance.
He was a
roaring thru life,
the black-hole
silence at its
a flash of
blue lightning
in a
thunder cloud.


He was Captains
Ahab and Hook
rolled into one,
harpooning the
ticking clock that
mocked him,
circling the
dreams of children
who could fly.

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