Ramifications, indications, implications, supplications, pep pills for laggards, razors for the suicide prone, notes that say more from the dearly departed, notes that you left behind when you went out for cigarettes.

Stimulus package, stimulated package, nerve endings in the tip of your you-know-what.

Institutions too big to fail, the worn nub of the rank-and-file.

Ray Charles and William Burroughs sharing a needle. You first; no please, you…

Did you wash your hands, sign your life away, give it that old college try before you slipped into oblivion?

The first human who went down on his haunches on a moonlit savanna and sensing something laced through the night sky other than what his eyes had been telling him, began to moan, the first notes of jazz.

Where have we gone since then?

What does a felled tree say to its roots?

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