the dismantling

The Dismantling

The beginning
of time
the end
of days
a false
sodium pentothal
your grandmother’s
still urgent
sex drive.


The call of
the wild
wild thing
you make my
heart sing a
little off
key perhaps
because of
the mild
stench from
the marsh.


But stench
can never
be modified
so why
do I
say mild &
why am I
singing to
start with
while the
sky grows


Crazy for
love wild
for affection
the good
ship Lollipop
Willy Wonka’s
Chocolate Factory
the castrated dream.


I’m talking
into a
mirror like a
one-legged parrot
I’m nailing
hope to
my death wish
like a
string yo-yo
love pinched
like a pea.


I’ve scoured
the plate
left not
one shred
of evidence.


Yours is
the last
hand I’ll
hold &
then comes
the dismantling.

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