scenario from a rushed death

Scenario from a Rushed Death


They discover a
foggy patch
on the
lung X-ray &
find what
looks like
a lump
in my
they’re pretty
sure that
it’s cancer
& they
feel they
need to
get in
there &
have a
look or
at least
bombard it
with chemo,
shrink it
to the
size of
a pebble,
whatever it is.


After my
aneurysm surgery
the pain got
so bad
once I
was home
again that
I went
back in
the hospital
just for the
pain killer.


When I
got there
one doctor
said that
now I
had a
lump on
my kidney
while another
opioned I
had pneumonia.


put me
in a bed
with a
needle in
my arm
(which is
what I
came for)
shut the
light off
& left.


I sucked up
the Fentanyl.


When after
two days
I felt I
could handle
the pain
I said I
think I can
go home now &
they said


I knew I
didn’t have
or a
lump on
my kidney &
the rectal
pain that
I never
to the
doctors &
had been
waking me
up nights
for six
before the
would be
gone now —
& it is.


From here
on out
I’ll not be
going to doctors
unless I
start spitting
& maybe
not even then.

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