a new year’s revolution



Inside my head it’s just like Einstein’s universe. Having said that it’s hard to say more. It feels like a split second after the Big Bang. Quasars erupting, giant stars imploding, black holes sucking the twinkle out of everyone’s eye. A new year, a light year, a can of worms, a soggy memory that you can’t trust to be accurate.

If you go fast enough the universe shrinks and you stay young forever. Swinging back where you started, your unfaithful wife’s 10,000 years old. You longed to get even, but is this going too far?

Space warps and time melts and light tattoos the vast darkness. None of this holds a candle to the aftershock of the generational chaos in the form of two grandchildren your son left behind in his unloving departure.

The frail things in nature have a way of looking like something they’re not.

Little by little your camouflage melts away and dwindles your options.

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