dining out

Dining Out

I ate
in a
restaurant today
where all
around me,
in stern
accusative voices,
people fired
printed on
little cards
at whoever
was sitting
from them.

Who pitched a
high on

What California
governor had
once been
Mr. Universe?

What Italian
opera soprano
committed cunnilingus
on a

What’s the
average number
of apples
in a
bushel basket?

How many
terrorist children
were eliminated
by drones
between 2009
& 2011?

It was
like a
mass interrogation
going on
while over
the P.A.
system a
rap group
did their
version of
Rudolph the
Red-nosed Reindeer
& waitresses
glided between
the tables
with trays
of food
held high
overhead on
one hand.

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