smoke gets in your eyes

Photo by Steven Goethals

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

My fellow American looks in the mirror and sees Hummers and drones, smart phones and i-pads.

My fellow American works out in the gym, confusing ego with fitness.

My fellow American thinks the Third World should put more umph into it, even as the Third World and his slowly merge.

My fellow American is hoodwinked and proud.

My fellow American was put together by the world he thinks he put together.

My fellow American didn’t fight two world wars just to give up the oil. What kind of saps do they take us for?

My fellow American doesn’t trust Mexicans.

My fellow American’s heart is full of scorn for the heretic and a fierce love of Jesus.

My fellow American does not believe there are aliens in outer space, but if there are, bring ’em on.

The payback once the bubble bursts will be brutal.

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