the great thought that is god


The Great Thought That Is God

Do you ever think that if you had it to do over again you’d do it differently? But then you wouldn’t be doing it over again. Then you would no longer be you. You’d be a different option, the unfavored son, or maybe even stranger, maybe someone’s favored daughter, secretly yearning for a sex change. Maybe you’d pass your son (who is a big part of why you wish you could do it over again) on the street and he’d have no idea who you were. Maybe your I.Q. would be higher or lower or maybe you’d be in a world without I.Q., a place where television was never invented, which would rule out the Internet, and the two-cent stamp would rule supreme. Maybe you’d sit in low-life bars and cry in your beer, lament the fact you were ever born. Maybe you weren’t born, maybe you’re a plausibility, maybe it’s all plausibility, an infinite array of possibility on the verge of bursting into existence. Maybe the Big Bang never happened but is an option incubating with the rest of it in God’s vast hesitation, and with this sort of understanding, maybe it’s now possible for you to do far more than go back and start over, with this sort of understanding it may be possible for you to be everywhere at once and then some; possible to challenge The Great Thought that is God in the race to existence.

You see why I steer clear of counselors and shrinks and no matter how bad things get, go about my business as if nothing is out of the ordinary.


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