the little drummer boy II

The Little Drummer Boy

I’m thinking about getting rid of my computer, my yellow pads and my pens and getting a drum kit. Does anyone have a drum kit for sale? Does anyone want to swap his drum kit for an I-Mac, 32 virgin yellow pads and 49 ballpoints? No? How about I throw in a pencil sharpener and an unopened pack of pencils with erasers on the end? Still no go? How about six hits of Ecstasy and a signed photograph of a naked Marilyn Chambers? What’s that you say? Maybe we can work something out on the Ecstasy, but who’s Marilyn Chambers and what world am I living in?

I’m just trying to kill time before it kills me. I want to whale away on a snare drum until my fingers bleed. It’s about all that’s left to hang on to.

When people stop tapping their toes to the music, that’s when I’ll know the battle’s been lost.


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