how to find out if people are your friends

How to Find Out If People Are Your Friends

Drain the anti-freeze out of the radiator on your car. Fill up a line of 6 oz. Dixie cups. Say, “Down the hatch, old buckaroos!” and watch to see who picks up their cup and who doesn’t. Watch to see who slams it down. Check out the expressions on their faces. All their faces, the ones who didn’t pick it up, the ones who did and the ones who slammed it down.

What did you do? Did you get cold feet and not slam it down? Who would want you for a friend if you did that?

What if you didn’t even pick it up, then what? Someone might walk up and hit you in the face. It could be someone from any of the three groups.

What the hell were you thinking, who told you to do this in the first place? Where’s he at? Nowhere in sight. The only thing you know for sure is he isn’t your friend.

This could turn into a legal battle, and if it does, what will be your defense? How will you talk your way out of this one?

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