a radical analysis of what spawns child stabbings shooting sprees & the occasional bombing of a federal building

A Radical Analysis of What Spawns Child Stabbings Shooting Sprees & the Occasional Bombing of a Federal Building

Roll the
dice take
your chances.

Make mud
pies call

Slap them
on your
face stop
the aging.

Toss words
in the
jumble box
roll them
back out as
bingo balls.

Sell them
to the
American Legion.

Piece together
a livelihood.

Look straight
ahead, that’s
where the
future lies,
smeared in
grease paint.

Oh, slings
of outrageous

I’m sinking
like a
stone of

I’m almost
not born again.

This is
what happens
when they
cut you
out of
the soup line.

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