living in a house of cards

Living in a House of Cards

We all
yearn to
be winged
& feathered
to play
on the
wind to
soar into
the sun.

But we
live in
a house
of cards
with pigeons
on the
roof &
each time
a pigeon
takes flight
the whole
house trembles.

Real despair
comes from
the absence
of danger.

No one’s
hurt when
a house
of cards
tumbling down.

We wander
thru the
disarray &
try to
put a
hand together.

We lie
alone in
bed at
night &
listen to
the pigeons
coo, staring
at the
at the
Ace of
Spades the
King of
Hearts or
a simple
deuce of

We know
there’s more
to life
but we
don’t know
how to
get it.

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