I was about to write, “Everyone has a secret life” when it occurred to me that at an escalating rate, more and more people have no life at all, leave alone a secret life. At an escalating rate what people perceive as their lives is generated by social media, generic and uniform. Their lives are being streamed.

Of course this isn’t true for everyone. There are some stubborn holdouts who don’t have a computer or a smart phone, but eventually they’ll be eradicated.

I’m not on Facebook, but I do have a computer, and I am on line. I have an email list of a few hundred names to which I send Shards that sometimes get passed along and injected into cyberspace networks where they cause small waves of disturbance to ripple thru the world-wide-web.

Proportionately and technologically speaking, this is the new millennium equivalent of what I did with a mimeograph machine back in the Sixties, a bolstering of humanity’s thin-as-a-communion-wafer hope for remaining human.

There are people who see remaining human as an impediment to progress – technology has been modifying them to see things this way for quite some time, and it’s even given them a name.

They are the Borg.

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