we dance thru the mysteries

We Dance Thru the Mysteries

What we
figure out
we make up
& that’s
where all
the trouble
starts but
realizing that
is figuring
it out
& then
what where
do we
go from
there how
do we
put the
brakes on
put a
stop to
it all
arrive someplace
where there’s
nothing to
figure out
if there
actually is
such a
place &
if not
what’s the
sense of
it all?

How to
stop the
brain how
to get
in accord
with –
with what?
The unspeakable,
that’s what.

The truly
sentient being
knows he
knows nothing
knows he’s
spinning his
wheels knows
he’s running
scared knows
reality is
an invention
of fear
nothing is
what we
it is,
we fear-
driven sentient

The truly
sentient being
there is
no moment
to live
in knows
there is
no space
for time to
play out
in knows
is the
only place
where peace
is found.

But of
course that’s
all a
bunch of
fancy footwork
& maybe
that’s where
the answer
lies in
the footwork
in the
dance in
the music – yes!

Music is
the tender
mother of

We dance
thru the
mysteries &
the veils
fall away.

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