declarations of love

Declarations of Love

Trees chopped
into stumps.

Wise guys on
TED Talks.

The slow
burn of

Stories to
make your
skin crawl.

Rodgers &
the melody
& the muse.

reduction the
shred machine.

The Jolly
Green Giant,
the unanswered

The pre-
arranged nuptial
the Tijuana
wedding the
Las Vegas

Keep trying
keep deviating
keep winding
the clock.

Smile like
a raisin
in the
sun when
they look
your way.

Do a
curtesy take
a bow
hope they
move along
to the
next guy.

Run, little
rabbit, thru
the uneatable
grass, here
comes a
with a
frying pan.

Pray they
don’t season
you with
shadows or
your face.

Let me
entertain you
call out
the organ
grinder with
his monkey
speak in
tongues raise
the dead
the question
the stakes.

Burn the

Point the

Drop your
high hopes
in the
petaled garden
of love.

Things only
matter when
you’re full
of fear.

I need
so very
little &
they won’t
let me
have it.

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