happy medium

Happy Medium

It’s hard to find a happy medium. Mediums live in a No Man’s Land between Extinction and Struggle.

People caught up in the World of Struggle think people who’ve vaporized into the World of Extinction can give them answers, and they’ll pay good money to some quack medium to act as a go-between. But quack mediums don’t have access to the World of Extinction. They’re as trapped in the World of Struggle as you and I, but they don’t lose any sleep over it. They have an intuitive understanding that the whole thing is pointless, and in this respect they’re like Zen masters, but they’ve gone a step further and figured out how to cash in on the situation.

People shell out the green to quack mediums in the hope of finding an easy way out of the World of Struggle. They think their reward will come once they leave the World of Struggle and enter the World of Extinction, which they call Heaven.

Where does that leave the true medium, and is he happy? No, he’s not. He’s a recluse who keeps a dark secret. What the true medium knows is that nothing changes when a person transitions from the World of Struggle into the World of Extinction. What the true medium knows is that there is no Heaven.

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