the deepness of your heart

The Deepness of Your Heart

Be true to the deepness of your heart. Dig those Boy Scout badges out of that trunk in the attic and pin them on your tunic. So alright, you don’t have a tunic, but you did once, back when you were a Roman heartbreaker with a full head of dark hair. Pin them on your polyester sports coat then, or on your hoody, whatever phase of dress you’re passing thru. March on out the door and let the world see what you’re made of.

Or maybe your heart holds dark secrets. Maybe you pinned butterflies to felt or shot squirrels from trees. Maybe you were raised by Nazis or Palestinians or were born in an orphanage. Maybe you have a past that doesn’t collect badges, just leaves a furtive look in your eyes. Well, walk out the door with that then, in whatever clothes you’ve got handy. Look everyone in the eye until they look down or say what? This may open new doors to you. You may make a friend or two. You may have to leave the country.

Yes, this is the road less traveled.

Hurry, before the dark sky caves in on you.

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