Death by Airbag by John Bennett

Death by Airbag - by John Bennett | click the cover if you are interested in buying this book...

Death by Airbag

Poetry, fiction, and shards by John Bennett. 187pp., $10.00 us, plus $5.00 shipping, handling, sales tax

John Bennett, prolific writer and founder of the legendary Vagabond Press, an early outlet for writers such as Charles Bukowski and A.D. Winans, makes his Pedestrian Press debut with this collection of poems, stories, and his trademark “shards” and “short jabs”, form-defying prose/philosophy/poetics in Bennett’s own wise and zany vein. John Bennett returns in top form with this selected compilation of recent work.

“You’ve fought a harder, cleaner fight than anybody I know.” – Charles Bukowski to John Bennett

Available only from Pedestrian Press. Click the cover image above to access ordering information or click here…

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