keep your eye on the north star


Keep Your Eye on the North Star

Finally back on the hill on a rare sunny day after weeks of getting battered by winter (snow/ice/freezing rain), battered by perennial darkness and wind, and then at night, after work, battered while watching soul-sapping Netflix, soul-sapping regardless of how good the show or the movie, it’s still a show, it glazes over the raw reality we’re born with and that society smothers with stereotypes, it turns us into spectators.

And thru it all age, death’s mistress, tightens the screws.

So listen, if you want to hang on to that raw reality you were born with, here are some things you should know: special occasions are an assassin’s dagger; news and political analysis are a gelding tool; rehab is not a lifestyle; and wherever large numbers of people gather to pray, someone turns up a scapegoat.

This is the place I have to push off from to regain my bearings when I’ve lost sight of the North Star.

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