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The Shard below is from the 2005 book, The Birth of Road Rage. If you’d like to know more about the book, or if you’d like to purchase it, go here…

Who I Be

I be the champion, the king, the Lord of the Rings. The trapeze artist, spinning netless.

I be anxiety, desperation, a kite in a sonic-boom sky. I be a trash can of confusion, the tiny bomb in the glove box of your get-away car.

I be a free trip to nowhere, the pay stubs in your pocket, the dirty pictures in your sock drawer. I be the patron of travel, a poor saint with a buzz on, trucking children across the wide river. I be the tachycardia that torpedoes your heart.

I be a cog in samsara, the prince of Bodhi, a beggar on a heat vent in Seattle An uppity curmudgeon. I be fashion’s scab skin, raw and bleeding under the glitter and hype. I be the answer to the question. I be the bogeyman.

The sun shrinks like a prune and stars rocket off into space. I be real. Reach out in the darkness and touch me. Why has it taken so long? Your hand on my face, my gaunt hand over yours.

click the cover if you are interested in buying this book...

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