what the end game boils down to


What the End Game Boils Down To

Time to rearrange the furniture. Time to toss the stale bread. Time to shuffle the cards and deal to a host of ghosts. Sing out, “Deuces wild, you rapscallions!” And then, “Ante up.”

Never lower your eyes. Look from one to the other. Don’t blink. Don’t touch your cards until they have theirs fanned out in front of them. Then pick yours up, shuffle them without looking at them, and lay them down on the table again. Say, “Sky’s the limit,” and toss in a ten spot.

This is what it’s come to–playing for high stakes with the ghosts of your past. It doesn’t matter what kind of hand your holding, it’s how you play the cards that counts. Go all in. Make your stand on the tip of a pin. One glance to the future and you’re finished.

If you play it right, the ghosts will fold and disappear. If not, you’ve reached the end of the road.

This is what the end game boils down to.

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