giving up the ghost II.


Giving Up the Ghost

I want to rip the lies out of my life. I want to burrow down into the truth. But when it gets down to it, I’m not sure which is which. I may be discarding truth and stockpiling lies. If I’m honest, which may or may not have something to do with truth, how can I tell one from the other? I’m not sure what leads to what.

Does searching for truth lead into a labyrinth of lies? Or are they tangled up in each other like thorny vines in a briar patch? Where does Brer Rabbit, who makes his home in the briar patch, stand on the matter? Saying to the fox, “Please don’t throw me into that briar patch,” is a deception, but is deception a lie or a means of survival? Does it depend on the motive for the deception? Is self-survival the most rugged form of truth there is, canceling out nuances? Are nuances a coward’s way of side-stepping confrontation that might strip away a lie and reveal an ugly truth? Are we capable of taking a good hard look at ourselves?

Fear is the stumbling block. Fear makes us cook up labels. Fear keeps us from staring our insignificance straight in the eye.

Give up the ghost and all else follows.

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