an independent


An Independent

He didn’t know who he was. But who he was is exactly who he had to be to be who he was.

Many people wished him ill while others wished him a long life, depending on which aspect of who he was they saw.

Others had mixed feelings, feelings about more than one aspect of who he was. This third group was frowned upon by the first two groups; not openly, but when they crossed paths, it came out.

There was a fourth group that saw an array of aspects of who he was, and although they were inarticulate about what they saw, they were closer than the other three groups to seeing who he was.

He drew this fourth group close around him and listened to what they said, and when they suggested he run for President as an independent, he did.

And then, a month before election day, for the first time in the country’s history, an independent was in a dead-heat race with the candidates of both major parties.

He began to see who he was.

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