running on instinct

Running on Instinct

I know less now than I knew then. Actually, I know more now but then there was less to know. It’s a ratio thing.

Then it was possible to know enough to dodge the draft. Or the tax man. Or a random bill collector. Then you could pull up stakes and vanish, regardless of how much you knew. You could survive on instinct.

It’s a wonderful thing, instinct, and it’s a sad day when it starts to diminish. A sure sign that your instinct is diminishing is that you spend a lot of time trying to figure things out.

Maybe if you pile all your electronic/digital equipment in a big heap along with your credit cards, driver’s license and birth certificate and then go at it with a hatchet before pouring gasoline over the mangled mess and torching it, maybe then you’ll have a snowball’s chance in hell of breaking free of how things are now. But probably not.

They’ll still track you down.

Gone are the days when we could see things as they really are.

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