an octave higher

An Octave Higher

When’s the last time you got locked down on a nut ward? How did it work out? Were the orderlies kind and considerate or did they have their way with you? If so, did this speed your recovery? Did you finally learn that the game’s played the same everywhere? Did you bat your eyes at the nurses for extra meds? Did you dance your heart out in the rec room when they put on Frank Sinatra? Did you learn to dazzle with your beauty and your high-octane madness? Did you make them love you for the very reasons they locked you up? Did you catch the eye of the head shrink and coax him into signing your discharge? Did you fuck him blind and lead him down the primrose path with the white cane of promise?

How is it now on the outside? Can you do with a scalpel what you used to do with a battle ax? Can you slice the soul out of anyone and make it look like love? Well then, you’re cured.

It’s not the song you sing but the octave you sing it in.

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