beauty & the beast

Beauty & the Beast

Gray train
freight train
train of
blue evolution
thimble of
torment &


Odd fellows
good fellows
& the
jolly green
giant a
fistful of
dollars an
ungainly sight.


The rolled
sleeves of
the righteous
kiss the
sweet child
good night
grim &
everything right.


A fetid
corner to
breed in
the benefits
of delight
a fetid
secret to
stew in
a new
face on
the blight.


The long
fall of
ambition from
a spiraling
height the
quick reflex
of survival
the departure
take flight.


The muffled
hens in the
hen house
that put
the red
fox in orbit
the farmer
loading his
shotgun kicking
open the screen.


His wife
tosses in
slumber his
children surge
thru his


It’s all
about feed
troughs &
barley about
tiny gnats
& fat
with retractable


About bee
swarms &
honey pots
& the
attention they
garner about
deep aches
& longing
hot blood
steaming entrails.


Beauty is
the refinement
of agony.

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