sidestepping ridicule

Sidestepping Ridicule

You can live without feedback, but can you live without choice? The big questions, rolling out like a red carpet.

She loves me, she loves me not, absolutes that squeeze the life out of indifference and propel people off to war. A few cannons, a brass band and truckloads of uniforms. Shoulder arms, forward march.

The best time to learn how to accept everything is when you can’t accept anything. Accept this, like scraping barnacles from the hull of a ship, from the wide back of a whale.

What will you get if you mate a whale with an elephant? Something prehistoric? A fish with a trunk and a memory like a steel trap? A creature that longs to sprout wings? A B-52 bomber? Think twice before you sound the buzzer and blurt out your answer.

Everything I set eyes on weighs me down except small children and animals.

The big question is, if I see the cross-bred creature, will it weigh me down?

You see now how your mind must work if you expect to sidestep ridicule unscathed.

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