physical collapse

Physical Collapse

My hat fell off my head. My head fell off my shoulders. My shoulders caved into my rib cage and got chewed to shreds by my digestive system. My synthetic arteries snapped loose and wrapped themselves around my vas deferens, causing domestic chaos. I went on the prowl.

I wandered back alleys in my diminished condition. The soles flapped off my shoes. Blisters formed and burst on my feet and raw flesh got embedded with pebbles.

Along the way my toes fell off one by one and my balance grew unsteady. My fists clenched, my arms grew numb and my hearing failed. I tried to whistle a happy tune, but my tongue rolled down my throat.

I took a rest by the wayside. My skin grew scaly and I scratched it. I knew I should call in sick, but that would make three times this week.

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