rejuvenating love

Rejuvenating Love

I’d like to continue loving my fellow man, but I keep getting distracted by women. And anyway, it’s such an abstraction, “loving your fellow man.”

How can you love someone in the abstract, how can you love someone you’re not attracted to? A beautiful woman is like a slab of iron and you’re a puny magnet that she can suck right off the table top if she gets close enough.

I know, this is a male way of looking at things, a heterosexual male way, but if you’re a woman, or you’re gay, just switch the players around. Anyway, sex isn’t the core of the attraction that opens the door to love, it has more to do with mystique. Women draw men in with their mystique. They don’t have to be young and they don’t have to be physically beautiful, they just have to be true to their nature.

But more and more the soul is getting gouged out of people. They walk around wearing human face masks that if they melt away reveal a viscous, bad-smelling green goo spotted with red pustules, something that’s hard to love. After you’ve witnessed this happen a few times, you become gun-shy of love.

This is an exponential phenomenon, more detrimental than global warming and more heart-wrenching than mass starvation, and if something isn’t done soon to rejuvenate love, we are all lost.

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