eat the pain


Make the pain go away. Make the left foot know what the right one is doing. Tap dancing, that’s what. A lesson to be learned. One foot tap dancing and the other stuck in the door, trying to sell vacuum cleaners.

Make the pain go away. Make the brain stay. Stay, brain! Heal (sic)! Good brain. How to tame a few billion years of errant evolution.

What is it that the brain is attacking? Why this dichotomy, this war? Dare I use the word spirit, surrounded as I am by the brain’s digital henchmen? What ever happened to ring around the rosy? The merry-go-round of enchantment? The circle of everlasting life?

They lock people away for less than I’m saying here, the people with the big brains who hold the reigns to a brave new world and the keys to the dungeon.

Eat the pain. Slip the gold ring on her finger. Bed her down.

One day soon, on eternity’s time table, invisible forces will put an end to this madness.

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