christmas paranoia I.

Christmas Paranoia

He’s in
his 70s,
thinks creatures
from outer
space are
lurking under
his bed,
won’t eat,
shits &
pisses his
pants &
flies into
sudden rages.
There’s talk
of acute
& then
they cart
him off
to the
funny farm.


At Christmas
his children
come to visit–
they’ve got
him locked
down in
a straitjacket
in a
padded room
with a large
shatterproof window.


He rolls
from one
end of
the room to
the other,
snarling &
biting at his
& they
plant kisses
on the glass
& mouth
We love you!
each time
he goes
rolling by.


They wonder
if his
will will
get thrown
into probate,
& then
his oldest
daughter writes
Merry Christmas!
on the
glass with
her lipstick.


somewhere in
a child is
born without
making a

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