the global five-&-dime


It all started when Marconi dialed up Ben Franklin and said, “Watson, bring me my hounds!” The hunt was on. For Red October, the wild hare, a marketing device and a backer.

Next thing you know Henry Ford is rolling Model Ts off an assembly line and Shell Oil is sinking drill bits into the dessert. “There she blows!” sings the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the high rollers begin grabbing everything they can get their hands on. The rest is history, written and revised to paint a rosy picture.

Televisions and plastic everything, atomic bombs dropped from prop planes.

Sound bytes and jingles and cell phones that take pictures.

The I-Pod and the I-Mac and the hair dryer, wind-up toys and generations of Pac Men.

Fluorescent crosses for the dashboard of your cruise-control love boat.

Electric can openers, tooth brushes and vibrating sex toys in the image of Mick Jagger.

More countless unhinged creations than you can imagine with your Internet brain.

Welcome to the Global Five-&-Dime.

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