the nature of god #1 & #2

The Nature of God #1

is a
form of

The Nature of God #2

God is not tired of us, God is tired of God and has been since the moment the Void struck a dissonant chord and jazz was born.

God is jazz. God is dissonance. God is the Void’s counterpoint. The rest is all nonsense.

We are God’s nonsense, his thumb twiddlers, children of the brooding afterthought. His Twinkies, loaded down with artificial sweetener. We are duplicates, triplicates, the multitude clambering for loaves and fishes. Three billion fishies in an itsy-bitsy pool, swimming like mad for the dam.

We are phase three in a chain-reaction mystery.

It’s all ravaged and sullied, even the Void. The whole shebang stinks of skunk.

This is just a little note that I’ll leave under the sugar shaker on my way out the door.

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