path finders

Path Finders

the root is
path finder.


Floating like
free radicals
in this
toxic soup
are the Regular
Joes, not free
not radical,
but if you
tell them
they are they’ll
believe it.
They’ll believe
anything you
tell them.


The world is
run by Paths.
This would be
news to the
Regular Joes.


Psychopaths &
are the
higher echelon
The difference
between them is
that the Sociopath
has no feelings
whereas the
Psychopath is a
cesspool of
all of
them malignant.


Neither the
Sociopath nor
the Psychopath
has a
which is
the tie that
binds them.
The Regular Joe
has no
conscience either,
that he
thinks he
does is
just a
notion spoon
fed him
by the
along with
all his
other notions,
including his
sense of
right & wrong.


There’s another
class of
people that
has no
no name,
but let’s
call them
Stealth Bombers.


Stealth Bombers
cause uneasiness
in the
Regular Joes
& paranoia
in the Paths.
What they’re
best at
is silence.
To them
life is a
waiting game.
They’re waiting
for the
whole edifice
to come
crashing down,
at which
time they’ll
step in &
take control
of everything.

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