the struggle of the corporate person

The Struggles of the Corporate Person

Hard to come up with an answer to the problem, the question, the dilemma, the postmortem, postpartum salute-this-flag blues.

Another day without work, $360 to the mechanic, $640 to the tax man, an even thousand in the red, not bad for a day with no work. Am I too big to fail, can I write off my loses and ask for ten thousand in bail out?

The local phone company stiffed me for two months window cleaning, even stopped payment on a check they’d already written, something about bankruptcy. But they’re still going strong, it’s the branches back east that are having a hard time of it. Turns out my local phone company isn’t a local phone company after all, and if I continue to bill them for services rendered, I’ve been given to understand, I’m subject to legal action and my phone will be disconnected.

Just another corporate person with the law stacked in its favor, eking out a living by feeding on the sweat and blood of ordinary people.

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