there’s a rumor going round


There’s a rumor going round
about reality. That terrorists are
using it to confuse people.
That Superman truly does
leap tall buildings
in a single bound,
& it was him
flew into the
Twin Towers,
that he was on drugs &
his timing was off,
his X-ray vision blurry.
There were no
planes, Arabs, conspiracies.
The CIA had tabs on all that,
but Superman? All the
intelligence in the
world couldn’t come up
with that scenario.
But there it is.


So the Arab world
is off the hook.
& now that we know
the score we’ll be
shifting gears.
It’s Columbia that’s
going to suffer &
suffer big, getting
Superman stoned on
crack-cocaine &
dropping him out of
the Good Year Blimp over
New York City.


Bogota is going down.
An alliance has been
struck with Islamic &
Palestinian wackos.
We’ll be sending in a
battalion of
human bombs, &
Pablo Escobar will
turn over in his
grave to see
how badly he
under-estimated our
love of freedom.

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