trip the light fantastic

Trip the Light Fantastic

I have my doubts about that. Whether it would be fantastic or not. To trip the light, I mean. Where to start? At the source? Halfway thru light’s journey to nowhere? And if you succeed, what then?

These are the sort of questions that arise once you contemplate the impossible. An insult to scientific inquiry. To regimentation.

Light is a scalpel, slicing thru darkness. Light creates space and time. The complications are infinite. How can you measure space without light? And there is no time without space.

Back to God’s drawing board where the inconceivable gets mapped. The birth place of the immaculate conception.

It’s distasteful to the orderly mind that the whole thing could be arbitrary. That light could vanish. That on a whim from God, darkness could be made to travel faster than light.

Vast unknowns, poised on a precipice.

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