a dark side of a scenario

A Dark Side of a Dark Scenario

Henry was 28, unwashed, unemployed and homeless, and he came out of the park just after sunset with his fly open. A cop spotted him, and sensing something suspicious, clubbed Henry to the ground. Then he worked him over.

A small boy came skipping out of the park. The cop grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to where Henry lay a bloody unconscious mess.

“Is this the man who did it to you, son?” the cop asked.

The kid took one look at Henry and broke out crying.

“I thought so,” said the cop, and called it in.

Within a half hour two CPS women and a medical orderly arrived. They put a blanket around the kid’s shoulders and took him to a safe house.

It was an open-and-shut trial. Henry’s defense that his fly was open because he’d just pissed on a bush and forgot to zip up again backfired, and the concept of indecent exposure got planted in the minds of the jury. The kid nodded his head in agreement with whatever the Prosecuting Attorney and the CPS woman said, and Henry got 15 years.

In his first week in prison, Henry was repeatedly penetrated anally by outraged inmates who had no use for sexual perverts.

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