a day in a life

A Day in a Life

Acid rain, nuclear rain, oceans playing cat games with whole populations. The black hole dead center in the red core of awareness.

Something’s gone into meltdown.

Something’s eating its way down to China.

Something’s slashing old wives’ tales to ribbons.

It’s moving too fast for wisdom. It’s hunger in a bottomless pit. It’s an amplified death rattle in 3-D. It’s a reflectionless mirror. It’s a dark day for prophets.

So much for Wall Street and the Fifth Amendment.

So much for garage bands and computer geeks.

So much for the Pope of Rome and half-price indulgences, for the lofty thoughts of Santayana and the quirky jokes of Jack Benny.

Rue the day we crawled out of the ocean, grew legs, planted a flag and laid claim to everything.

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