blood of the lamb

Blood of the Lamb

Tigers chasing their tails in circles until they turn to butter.

Crows with above-average intelligence circling overhead.

I served my country, I killed the infidel.

Take a hard look at your culture, smeared like blood on glass under a microscope. Put down your crucifix. The greatest story ever told, tall tales in the rush reeds.

Heads up.




Transvestites in a Munich train station, clustered under the bright star of David.

Transportation at a standstill.

Shake the dice cup and out tumble high-rollers.



The whole show’s geared to rotation.

Cold coffee in a paper cup, the note you hoped would say more.

Mad women at sunrise, walking fast thru the jungle. Stopping for red lights, racing on thru the green.

Plug in your gismo, have a look what it’s come to.



White lightning.

Kentucky fried chicken.

Inquisitions, barbed atonement.

New testament soldiers with old-testament mindsets.

Struggles on a lotus leaf, sliding off like snails.

Christ is an Islamic prophet, no wonder the Tower of Babel exploded.
The dream ends before the alarm goes off, and you’re locked down in God’s slumber.

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