hammered into obscurity

Hammered into Obscurity

Years ago
when I wrote
Flying to
Cambodia someone
wrote Swimming to
Cambodia in the
same time frame
& it rocketed
straight onto the
New York Times
best-seller list.


Not too long
after that
I wrote
Tripping in
America &
some college
professor wrote
Blue Highways,
which became
an overnight
best seller.


Years later
I wrote a
drug book,
Children of
the Sun &
& damned
if some
writer of
crime novels
didn’t crank
out a
drug book
of his own
called Savages;
the New
York Times
declared it
a breakthru
in the genre.


run of
is like a
punch in
the face
when you’re
80 & your
whole life
long you’ve
been writing
novels that
get hammered
into obscurity
by the
money machine.

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  1. evan myquest

    truth. and someday Tiregrabbers will eclipse anything Neil Gaiman ever did. there was another movie that almost followed Children of the Sun plotpoint for plotpoint. love you John.

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