pledging allegiance

Pledging Allegiance


You walk in the first door with a sign over it and people behind desks stand up and applaud.

They take you to a back room and dress you in a uniform. They strap a pistol on you and hand you a billy club and brass knuckles. They take you into a large auditorium filled with men in uniforms identical to yours. They sit you down.

March music is blaring. A man in a uniform similar to yours but much more elaborate marches out on stage, turns to face the audience, and snaps to attention. The music stops abruptly. The impact is electric. And then, in a strong, resonant voice, the man begins reciting The Pledge of Allegiance.

You and your new comrades come to your feet and join in. Your doubt and confusion evaporate.

You are given a squad of men to command and sent out on the street to hunt down terrorists.

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