the seventh day

The Seventh Day

There’s negative energy and positive energy, a swirl of neutrons, electrons and protons spinning around a flat earth that is the center of not just the solar system but the entire universe.

God lives dead-center under the flat earth from where he holds it up on his shoulders and barks out commandments.

It’s the way things have been since the Seventh Day. 




God gave Man the ability to reason, and reason breeds heretics – that’s how God identifies the Chosen, by their refusal to use reason. 

Throughout time (God’s most abstract creation), the Chosen have had carte blanche to round up men of reason and march them right off the edge of the earth where they get a glimpse of God as they go zooming by. It’s what hell is, this glimpse of God, not some pit of fire.

Men of God speak to the multitudes thru microphones. They’re great organizers and know where the oil is. The fact that most of humanity is starving goes to prove what God is.

There’s a day not too far off when God will suck the Chosen down under the earth with him, leaving the rest of us behind, walking around in wheat fields under the sun.

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