vindicated in the blood of the lamb

Vindicated in the Blood of the Lamb


He felt a strong need to be vindicated. Then to be syndicated. On the first show of Blood of the Lamb he stood stage-center in his bathing suit and had buckets of lamb’s blood poured over him by a stage hand from up on the catwalk. “Be washed in the blood of the lamb and be vindicated!” he cried out, and ushers went up and down the aisles passing out small vials of wash-out red dye. The plant in the first row sprang to her feet and cried out, “Oh, save me, lamb of heaven! Let me be vindicated!” Then, popping the cork out of her vial, she poured the dye down her face.

A handful of nervous women capitulated immediately, rose to their feet moaning and splashed themselves in dye. Then peer pressure set in and others got to their feet and poured dye over themselves.

What choice did they have? They were live on FOX TV and the whole country was watching.

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