the student

The Student

I’ve found ways to cheat on exams. Don’t ask for details, just take my word for it. This way we won’t run into difficulties or unpleasantries. All I want is a passing grade. A step up the ladder. A place to call home.

Of course I don’t study. Study is a form of indoctrination. All that counts is what you stumble upon.

You may think I’m putting my career in jeopardy, divulging such intimate details of my academic life. You may wonder how I ever got three doctorates, one in physics, one in philosophy and one in home economics. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon something there, but are you prepared to take action?

Most people aren’t. Most people stumble upon something and collapse. There they lie, clutching their throats while the whole world looks on.

This is the way the world works. I stumbled upon it in the first grade when the nun took me into the cloak room and lifted her habit.

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